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Online gambling strategy depends very much, almost entirely in fact on the particular game that you are playing. An important factor and something that all online casino players should do is have a money management system in place, and even more importantly stick to that plan, it’s very easy to attempt to win back your losses and forget your basic gambling strategy. It’s not easy to stick to a game plan, but you’ll find that if you do you’ll get so much more enjoyment from your online casino experience in general.

Set Your Limits

To begin with, it is important that you set your limits, and by this it’s meant both loss limits and win limits. Your loss limit should be set at no more than you wish to lose at any given visit to the casino and maybe it is worth simply depositing that amount into your casino account, and if you are playing a new game then it’s worth considering making that a small amount to begin with. Treat each visit to the casino differently when setting your loss limit, if you feel that you have got a game mastered and wish to play more then, if you can afford it, set your loss limit a little higher, but never more than you can afford to lose. Setting a win limit is just as important. It may seem odd to set this but as the old saying goes, ‘always quit when you’re ahead’. There’s another old saying that is just as relevant, ‘what goes up must come down’, and both of these apply to online gambling. Should you reach your win limit but wish to continue playing, then re-set your limits, but maybe consider withdrawing what you initially won first, as a safeguard. It’s inevitable that at some stage you will lose a little, but if you already have winnings coming back to you then this more than makes up for a small loss. Also, winning and walking away adds to the pleasure of online gambling, no matter how small your winning amount, you won, and a win is always a good feeling.


Keep track of how much you are spending at the casino, it’s easy to forget exactly how long and how much you are spending when in a casino as time can fly by, and try to take breaks now and then to break it up a little and summarize your last period of play. Take time out and think about how you were playing the game, why you were successful or unsuccessful and learn from your mistakes if needed. Remember that playing any online casino game is supposed to be fun, and continuous losing is not fun so should you have a losing streak don’t be afraid to leave it for a while, the game will still be there when you decide it’s time for you to return and try again. It’s also worth considering playing for fun money until you really get the hang of a game, as it is pointless and frustrating to lose money due to bad play when you could so easily have taken a small amount of time out to get to fully understand the game you are playing.

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With over 2000 online casinos operating, there are many software companies that are offering games as a provider. When you play here, you will see some of the great games that are offered by a leading provider. We offer a complete overview of these software companies and a brief history on each of the major companies in the industry.

In addition to offering information on the companies that provide online casinos with games, we at Casino Online also provide you with some details on some of the other main companies that will be seen when playing online.

The Casino Software Guide that is offered provides a great place to learn about these different companies and will allow you to learn what each has to offer. Below, you will easily be able to find information on each of the software companies that are used in the recommended online casinos at Casinos Online.

Also, by using the online casino bonuses guide, you will find out where to get the best bonuses and will also see what companies are offering the best incentives. We provide information on some other software companies that are used by hundreds of online casinos that are not featured or reviewed here on the site.


Microgaming Software

Microgaming powers more online casinos than any other company in the industry. There are a number of things that make this software stand out. One is the availability of new games, including video poker, video slots and a variety of table and card games. Microgaming just started a program last year where they will introduce four new games every month, so you can be sure to find the most games when playing at any Microgaming online casino.

Microgaming is also well known for the bonuses that are offered to players. Many of these are high paying welcome bonuses that offer a great amount of free money when a deposit is made. Some of the leading casinos, like Aztec Riches, will offer a multiple deposit bonus. However, most casinos will only offer a single bonus for new players that have wagering requirements for completion.

There are quite literally over 100 casinos online that are using Microgaming software and it is simple for players to find a site and know that they will enjoy a secure gambling experience with this software company.

There are literally hundreds of online casinos that use the Microgaming software and it is pretty easy to predict that you will have a safe and fun experience no matter which one you choose.

Playtech Software

In 1999, Playtech entered the online gambling market and began to create stunning games to feature at online casinos. While this company is now at the top of the list, they were not always the leader. When Playtech first started, there were a number of problems with the software and it was considered a second rate provider. In 2002, the company underwent an overhaul and soon became one of the favourite software choices for players around the globe.

What was so great about the upgrade? There were two things that stood out. The first was the innovative idea of offering live dealer games. Blackjack and roulette live dealer games were designed to satisfy players who appreciate these games online. With live dealer games, players could see the cards being dealt and watch the roulette reel spin, creating more trust in the game.

The other thing that was a great aspect of the overhaul was the addition of multiple deposit bonuses. Most Playtech casinos now offer these as a standard welcome package to new players and it is a great way to attract new players to a site and provide them with large amounts of bonus money to get started.